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Whiplash, also known as cervical acceleration/deceleration (CAD) syndrome, is perhaps the most common neck injury. It can be caused by any type of trauma to the head or neck. Patients with whiplash experience pain when moving their head and notice a decreased range of motion, which can be detrimental to even the most normal daily activities. Learn more about whiplash and how to treat it below:

Whiplash Causes and Symptoms

Whiplash is a soft-tissue injury that occurs when the head and neck are jerked forward and back too quickly. This acceleration/deceleration strains the soft tissues in the neck, causing pain and loss of motion. Whiplash is most often associated with car accidents, but it can also be the result of other forms of trauma, such as:

  • Sports injuries 
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Any other form of acute trauma to the head or neck

Symptoms of whiplash can start immediately after an injury, or they may crop up days or weeks later. Whatever the case, whiplash should be examined and treated by a skilled medical professional.

Edina Whiplash Doctors

Whiplash is generally treated with conservative methods like wearing a neck brace, pain medications, physical therapy and injection therapy. These tend to effectively resolve the pain and return range of motion. Surgery is rare but can be an effective treatment option in extreme cases. 

Many people consider whiplash to be a minor injury and avoid going to the doctor, opting to just deal with the neck pain and decreased mobility. But whiplash can cause long-term chronic neck pain and other issues if left untreated. Make an appointment today with a pain management physician at Advanced Spine & Pain Clinics of Minnesota. Our Edina pain physicians will walk you through your treatment options and provide you with unparalleled care. Contact us by filling out our online form or by calling our clinic at (612) 20-SPINE.

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