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Percutaneous Discectomy

Percutaneous Discectomy

A percutaneous discectomy is a minimally invasive spine procedure used to relieve pain caused by a herniated disc and pinched nerve. There is minimal risk involved in this procedure, and patients report significant back pain relief. This procedure can be an alternative to open discectomy that is traditionally performed by a surgeon. Learn more about the discectomy procedure and when it can be used to treat back pain:

Percutaneous Discectomy Procedure (HydroDiscectomy)

A percutaneous discectomy is performed to remove part of a herniated spinal disc when that part of the disc is impacting a nearby spinal nerve root. This is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure, meaning there is no overnight hospital stay required. Here’s how the procedure works:

  • The patient receives local anesthetic to numb the area of operation, as well as medications to relax the patient;
  • Once the patient is numb, a small needle is inserted into the back and guided to the herniated disc in question. For precision, the surgeon uses a fluoroscopy (X-ray images) to guide the needle to the precise location of the disc;
  • When the needle is in place, a tiny probe is inserted through the needle until it reaches the disc;
  • The probe has a water jet that is used to carefully remove parts of the disc to free up any impinged nerves.

You will be given medication to combat the post-operative pain, and your physician may also recommend a physical therapy routine to aid in your recovery. As the name suggests, this procedure is minimally invasive, and requires no muscles or bones to be cut. Consequently, patients recover quickly and return to normal activities after one to six weeks of recovery. 

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If you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of a herniated spinal disc (back pain, leg tingling), a discectomy could help you avoid long-term consequences and get back to living your life to the fullest. Make an appointment with Advanced Spine & Pain Clinics of Minnesota today to see if this procedure can help you. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at (612) 20-SPINE.

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