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Percutaneous Balloon Augmented Vertebroplasty

Percutaneous Balloon Augmented Vertebroplasty

Percutaneous balloon augmented vertebroplasty is a minimally invasive spine surgery used to stabilize compression fractures in the lumbar and thoracic vertebral bodies. These fractures may occur as the result of trauma, osteoporosis or other pathology. Through a minimally invasive approach, we are able to place bone cement into the fractured vertebral body and internally “fix” the fracture, while also re-establishing some height of the compressed vertebral body. This helps to immediately end the pain from the fracture and may to help prevent further spine degeneration and stenosis.

Surgical Procedure

During a percutaneous balloon augmented vertebroplasty, the doctor makes a small incision in the back at the level of the damaged vertebrae. A small tube is guided into the affected vertebral body and a tiny balloon inflated to lift the fractured bone. Then a cement-like substance is used to fill the void that was created by the balloon in the vertebrae, restoring some bone height and relieving pain. The procedure can be repeated at other levels where there are acute and/or sub-acute fractures. Patients often report pain relief within one to two days after the procedure. 

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